The nine qualities of Buddha

18 Oct

Itipi so Bhagava Araham, Samma Sambuddho,Vijja Carana Sampano, Sugato, Lokavidu, Anuttaro Purisa Dhamma Sarathi, Sattha Deva Manussanam, Buddho, Bhagava Many times, we chant the nine qualities of Buddha in PALI and never make an effort to understand its meaning. Here we will share the meaning of the nine qualities of Buddha in English:   There […]

Pravarana Purnima

18 Oct

Pavarana is an important day for Theravadin Buddhists and usually falls on the full moon day of the eleventh lunar month (usually in October, this year it is falling on 19-10-2013). It marks the end of the three month ‘rainy Sangha residence or retreat’ which began on the full moon of Asadha (usually in July). […]

An Appeal

22 Sep

Dialogue of Wisdom is a non profit organisation working in the field of promoting understanding between individuals, groups and communities through Monthly Dhamma Talks on issues of morality and wisdom in our daily life and awareness of laws of nature as compassionately expounded by The Buddha for the benefit of mankind. Formed in the year […]

Bomb blasts at Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya

9 Jul

bomb blast at bodhgaya

We, at DOW,feel deeply saddened about the serial bomb blasts at Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya. We wish and pray for speedy recovery of all the injured and hope that peace will return to the abode of peace where The Buddha attained enlightenment. We also feel concerned about the security of this heritage monument as well […]

Tragedy at Kedarnath

25 Jun


The recent tragedy at Kedarnath raises few questions like How does one reconcile with such mass death and how the theory of kamma applies here with so many deaths taking place in just two days? Kedarnath Dham being a religious place must be resonating with positive vibes with all those pilgrims having very positive and good […]

18th Dhamma Talk

30 Jan

Dialogue of Wisdom organised 18th Dhamma Talk on 18th January, 2013 at our Dhamma Sathi Nilisha Rao’s residence , C.R.Park. Dhamma Talk was attended by active members : Ven. Kaccayana , Meena , Nilisha , Pradeep , Kamal, Bishwadeep & Subroto. Talk was started with Panchsheela & Mangala Sutras followed with 15 minutes Anapana Meditation. […]

RIGHT EFFORT (Samma Vayama)

21 Jan

By Bhikkhu Bodhi The purification of conduct established by the prior three factors serves as the basis for the next division of the path, the division of concentration (samadhikkhandha). This present phase of practice, which advances from moral restraint to direct mental training, comprises the three factors of right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. […]

The Teaching of Pure Dhamma

21 Jan

The Buddha sent his sixty Dhamma sons in various directions after helping them to establish themselves in Dhamma. They worked as the first Dhamma ambassadors disseminating pure teachings of the Perfectly Enlightened One (a Samma Sambuddha who attains full enlightenment by his own efforts) to the people. They taught people the same Dhamma as the […]

Doctrine of Anatta (no-self)

24 Aug

The No-self doctrine is found only in the teaching of the Buddha. It is central to the Buddhist thought. No-self (anatta) means that there is no permanent, unchanging entity in anything animate or inanimate. With regard to the animate, this implies the absence of a soul which either emanated from a divine source or was […]

Kamma: Introduction

24 Aug

“Intention, I tell you, is kamma. Intending, one does kamma by way of body, speech, & intellect.” Buddhist notion of karma focuses on the liberating potential of what the mind is doing right at this very moment. Who you are and where you come from is important but NOT as important as the mind’s motives […]